Expert Opinion | Your Guide To Wedding Flowers With Erica Minty

Toronto wedding florist

D&D: Hi Erica, thank you so much for being this weeks event guru and for sharing your wedding flower expertise!

The newly engaged want to know! How far in advance should a couple book their florist?

ERICA: As soon as the invites go out! You want to have an idea of what you are looking for: table numbers, colour palette etc. That way your florist can really help create a design that can accent your vision. But I always like to keep in mind that real weddings can happen on the fly or with months of planning and both can be perfect!

D&D: What percent of a couples budget should be spent on flowers?

ERICA: I don’t think there is a set formula for this. Every couple is different and every wedding is different. I think that the formula needs to match the formality of the wedding. That’s why I love sitting down with each couple and really getting an idea of what’s important to them on their wedding day.


D&D: What are the deciding factors on picking the RIGHT florist for the couple?

ERICA: It’s all about finding someone who understands your vision and who you feel you can trust. I think if you can trust your florist to pick out the best product and you aren’t too locked in on specific flowers you will get the best outcome.

D&D: How can a couple make their flowers personal?

ERICA: I think the best way to make your flowers personal is by embracing seasonal flowers. Every year at that time the same flowers will come into season and remind them of their wedding.

D&D: Outside of the vase what would you love to create?

ERICA: I would love to teach some workshops! Before I got started working with flowers I went to school for fine arts and education, and I was teaching art lessons in seniors homes. I would love to combine my love for flowers with my teaching experience.

D&D: I have one last question for you do you have any future projects you’re excited about?

Toronto wedding florist interview

ERICA: I am really excited for some of our upcoming September weddings. We are getting to work in some stunning venues. Some that we have worked in before, like The Broadview Hotel. Which is always a fun space to create for. The Broadview Hotel is a historic building just down the street from our shop (Quince Flowers), the building is over 100 years old and they have done an amazing job restoring it. We are also working in some venues we haven’t created in before like Hotel X which just opened this past year. It is located right on the water with amazing views.

Erica  you’re amazing! Thank you so much for putting the time and effort into answering Dancing & Dessert's questions!

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Happy Dreaming.

Dancing&Dessert xx