How to honour your mum at your wedding

The idea of a nuclear family doesn’t exist anymore, the term ‘family’ is broad and the roles within it awesomely unique. Yet I constantly see couples try to stuff their wedding day with outdated traditions that are a misrepresentation of their experiences.

My dad wasn’t around a lot as a kid, and my mum has always been the port in the storm, the person I have relied on time and time again. She taught me kindness, empathy, but also hard work and self worth. She made sure that I knew my voice was important, that I was strong, and also that I was weird, kooky creative, funny and imaginative. Throughout my childhood and still into adulthood she encourages play and I look forward to watching her do the same with my children.

She is one of my greatest inspirations.

So, as someone who is best friends with her mum, I was so excited when a client asked me how she could honour her own mum on the day of their wedding. I was bursting with ideas and warmed by the sentiment, so, in honour of Mother’s Day, I thought I would share them with you, and hopefully inspire a new tradition on your wedding day too.

Something Borrowed

Don an heirloom. The veil she wore on her wedding day, a bracelet she was given on her sweet sixteenth, or even a warm stole if you are marrying in the winter months. Regardless of what that ‘something borrowed’ is make sure it instilled with happy memories.

Photo Sourced:  Glamour   

Photo Sourced: Glamour  

Mother & Daughter dance

Because why should Dad have all the fun? Maybe pops has two left feet and it was your mum you boogied with growing up. With a ballet dancer mum it would be a no brainer for me to include her in this tradition. Trade in your lad for a lady and show em how it's done.

Words of Wisdom 

Speech speech! Maybe you got it from your mumma, your sense of humour that is! Besides, who knows you better then the lady that raised you, she has the best stories, even if they are a little embarrassing!

Photo By:  Jenny Quicksall

Have a dedication written to her in the program

Keep it a surprise and make sure you keep a copy for her that she can keep forever. 

First look

What a moment to have captured! Apart from your hubby-to-be there are few else who will be as excited to see you in your wedding dress!

Have her walk you down the aisle

Or have them BOTH walk you down the aisle!

Photo By:  A Bryan Photo

Photo By: A Bryan Photo

MOB Signiture cocktail 

Serve her signature drink or work with the caterer to to create a cocktail that is totally evocative of the women who raised you! Don't forget to name it after her so all night your guests will be sipping on her namesake.

I love this Lavender and Earl Grey recipe by  Sugar and Charm

I love this Lavender and Earl Grey recipe by Sugar and Charm

Dedicate a song to her

Have the band or DJ dedicate a song to her. Maybe something she danced to at her wedding or a fave jam will do. All that's left to do is pump it up! 

Create a photo display.

A simple and elegant way to pay homage to the women that raised you as well as your heritage.

Photo By:  Heather Kincaid

Photo By: Heather Kincaid

Get Ready Together 

Make sure she gets the star treatment and is fussed over by hair and makeup, she will feel like a million bucks and very excited to be included in those first pre-wedding moments.

Photo By:  India Earl

Photo By: India Earl

Thank you to all the mumma's, grandmothers, and mums to be! Here at Dancing & Dessert we cannot thank you enough for all your love, courage and support! 

Happy Dreaming.

Dancing&Dessert xx