"You Feel Like Home" Engagement Session Inspiration

My favorite setting for an engagement shoot is conveniently located in your own backyard. Or kitchen, living room, or even snuggled up in your own bed. And the super sweet thing is, no matter if this setting is done by every Tom Dick and Harry, it will always be personal and always be unique, because it's YOURS! It's a space you built together, as a couple.

Two of the main problems with Engagement photo shoots: 1. The idea, style, and location is over done. 2. Doesn't reflect your history and the life you've built together.

Seriously, no wooded area or fallen leaves are necessary!

If you're after a giggle check out this couples hilarious take on engagement cliches!

Now, for some inspiration starting with...


This is great for those of us who are shy in front of the camera, make your favorite dish with your honey, and take the pressure off by focusing on flippin' those cakes!

TIP: The messier the better!

Lauren & Jack. Photography by The Schultzes.

Maggie & Alex. Photography by Christine Han.

At Home Engagement. Photography by Erika Delgado. 


Please, bring your pjs, and whisper the sweetest of nothings.

TIP: Where what you normally would to bed. For example I'm usually in my blokes T-shirt which looks more like a dress on me. It's a little silly, but a reflection of our melding lives. 


Erika & Ryan. Photography by Anna Delores. 

Brittany&Phil. Photography by Kayla Coleman.
Breakfast in bed. Photography by Alixann Loosle.

Katy & Adam. Photography by Jenny McCann.


Get super silly in your place for play.

TIP: The wonderful thing about your living space is that, without even noticing, you create habits, like who sits on what side of the couch for binging netflix, and what mug you have claimed for your morning cuppa. These small traditions are so personal, so wonderful, and should be cherished. Use them! Put them in your photo albums, and remember them forever.  

Styled shoot by Vicky Starz.
Mayce & Jared. Photography by Erin Hargis.

Rachel & David. Photography by From The Hip.


Pull out a picnic blanket, and put on your favorite cut off denims. Coming from Australia there is a certain quality that draws me to the backyard, it's nostalgic, comfortable, it feels like home, and being outside truly makes me happy.

TIP: Add color, texture, and a sense of La Bohème Vie with blankets, pillows, lace and fringing. 

Julie & Nate. Photography by Phil Chester.

7-spanish-inspired-engagement-session (1).jpg

Photography by M.K. Sadler.

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Happy Dreaming.

Dancing&Dessert xx