Mood Board - Beach Wedding

Dreaming of white sand and blue rippling turquoise water? Of smiling locals, perfect little seashells and sun drenching, soul inhabiting, completely relaxing warmth? Yeah, me too! Especially when stuck in the middle of a New York (snow covered) winter. So what does one do when not partying it up on a magical summery island? Oh right, blog about it, and in doing so hopefully give you some tips and inspiration for your own nuptials (whether you are amidst planning or still dreaming). 

I love to combine the natural blues, greens, and ivory sand with a pop of bright color (I recommend pink, yellow, or lavender) to give it that true tropical feel.

Like the water, everything should flow, structure should be loose in all aspects of your event, from those tasseled locks, to the wild flowers.

Texture is key for any wedding but tends to get over looked with the stress of color, theme, and venue. Luckily with a beach as your stage the natural setting gives you plenty of variation. However you can enhance these existing textures with fringing, lace, bold and large headed flowers, and waxy leaves for a shady hideaway from the sunshine. 


Signature Drink - (If you like) pina coladas (and getting caught in the rain. (Good luck getting that out of your head)).

Flowers  - Peonies, they are colorful, large, hardy, and flourish in Spring and summer. Arrangement by Calie Rose

Guest Favors - A fan or pair of sunglasses (both of which should be used at the ceremony to combat the sun and heat, and are easy on the budget, win win!).

Happy dreaming.

Dancing&Dessert xx